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  • No need to waste your time scrambling to locate your daily valuables like keys, documents, wallets, jewelry, cash, etc. Keep them all in one place with Ozone Ezee Personal Safe, now in 2 liters, and prevent the risk of misplacing your valuables and from paltry theft!
  • 24 Months Warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • PIN Code Access: Makes you the sole owner of the safe and guardian of the valuables inside it; a 4-15 digit code can be entered for PIN
  • High Security Emergency Key: Ensures that you can still operate the safe even if you have forgotten your PIN number
  • Touch Screen Digital Panel: Provides convenience and familiarity and lets you see the numbers; Number buttons are spaced far apart, so no re-entering of PIN code or overlapping of digits
  • Compact: Easy to handle, can be kept inside cabinets, cupboards, and drawers and almirahs
  • Fake PIN/Password Function: Suppose you are being observed and need to protect your password from being discovered. You can input fake numbers at the start and end of the real password, and the safe will recognize it!
  • External Battery Backup Provision: Beside the key lock, there is a small opening for a data cable in case the battery runs out, and you don’t have the manual key on hand. Insert the cable, and the lock will begin charging immediately! Do your battery backup using the USB port!
  • Surface Finish: Scratch-resistant powder coating
  • Strong Construction: Heavy duty steel body with improved reliability for further protection
  • Metal Body: Safe is made from the same material thickness as traditional safes to prevent threats and keep valuables secure
  • Low Battery Indicator: Alarm alert in case of low battery
  • Customer Care: +91 9716-500-300

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