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Q. 1 How can i open this locker for the first time?
Ans When the locker is sent for the first time, it is in close position and its accessories are inside the safe, and keys are outside the locker so that is why for the first time the locker will have to be opened with the key.

Q. 2 How do I insert the batteries in the locker for the first time?
Ans The locker must be in the open position and the battery box is available back panel of the door, remove the battery box cover and insert 1.5V AA 4 pcs Alkaline batteries inside the battery box, and re-cover the battery box.

Q. 3 How many digit password can I set on this locker?
Ans In this locker, you can set 3 to 8 digit password And This locker is non motorized, In this, the measures to set a password once it is fully registered until you score a change.

Q. 4 Is there shelf inside this locker?
Ans Yes, there is a shelf inside this locker, which can be removed and even installed.

Q. 5 First time how do I set my password.
Ans The user code of the company in this locker is 1234, To change, the locker must be in the OPEN position, press # enter existing user code (1234) then # display will show open immediately press * new code then press # display will show "INTO" it means code has been changes successful.

Q. 6 Incidentally, I have forgotten my user password, then how do I open the locker.
Ans After forgetting your user code, you can also open the locker with the master password, you can also change the master code on your basis.

Q. 7 Can I run this locker in both hotel mode and personal mode?
Ans No, You can operate this locker only personal mode, if you want to run in person then you have to close the door and rotated the knob anti-clockwise safe is closed successful. To open re-enter the same code and rotated the knob clockwise safe is open.

Q. 8 If I lose my key, can I make a duplicate key?
Ans No, You cannot create a duplicate key because this key is a computerized key and it cannot become a duplicate under any circumstances, you have to replace the cylinder if the key is lost.

Q. 9 How many ways to open this safe?
Ans You can open the safe in 3 ways.User code, master code, and emergency key. If you do not have all the systems you have left, After that, you will have to contact the ozone customer care team who can help you.

Q. 10 How do I know if the battery in my locker is running out?
Ans 10 to 15 days before the battery runs out, the display will come with a low-battery indicator, if you don't pay attention to it, At this time you will have to open it by emergency key.if you do not have the key, then you have to give a throw power backup by adopter which is given with safe, after that you can easily open the locker.

Q. 11 which batteries should I use for my locker?
Ans 1.5VT AA 4 PCS Alkaline Battery can be used.

Q. 12 Can I hide my password on this locker?
Ans Yes, You can hide the password in this locker, but for that, you have to press the " # or * " button before entering the password, after that, if you enter it, then the password will hide.

Q. 12 Does ozone make these lockers themselves?
Ans Yes, Ozone is a large manufacturing company, it manufactures a lot of things like safes, fire doors, and Manufactures steel products. Ozone's manufacturing plant is available in Himachal's Kala-amb.

Q. 13 Can I install this locker on the wardrobe and wall?
Ans. Yes,Because it is necessary to install the locker, That is why there are holes to install in the locker as well and fasteners are also given.

Q. 14 Does this locker have a tempering alarm?
Ans Yes, there is an alarm inside this locker which automatically on after incorrect password and tempering.

Q. 15 Where can I use this locker?
Ans Yes, you can use this locker in a home, office, shops, and retail counter.

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