Ozone Safety Solutions Tusker-11 Electronic Safe (12 Liter) Grey

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  • Set your own User PIN code to unlock your digital safe, equipped with an emergency override key in case of loss of PIN; not a fireproof or waterproof safe. Ideal for keeping daily valuables like jewelry, cash, documents, keys, and credit cards. For home, or office use. Safe acts as a theft deterrent; made of steel structure, and 2 steel shooting bolts which grant additional protection. Perfect gift for personal use. 1 Shelf inside.
  • User PIN Code: The Safe can be operated through user PIN access: a 4-8 digit user PIN code' Master PIN Code available 
  • High Security Emergency Key: Ensures that you can still operate the safe even if you have forgotten your PIN number. This is a mechanical key which is hard to duplicate
  • Surface Finish: Scratch-resistant powder coating
  • Strong Construction: Durable robust body with improved reliability for further protection
  • Convenience Feature: LED Light Number Display for greater illumination
  • Scramble PIN Code Technology: Enter any number within 20 digits, and the safe will unlock as long as the correct password is included in its original sequence
  • Burglar Alarm: After 3 consecutive wrong PIN attempts, a loud burglar alarm is activated and broadcasts the break-in to a large radius of the safe
  • Low Battery Indicator: This special feature provides an audio-visual alarm to the user to replace the batteries well in time
  • Customer Care: +91 9716-500-300

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