Ozone Safety Solutions OZ-FDL-33BL 30AL SS Narrow Style Fingerprint Lock

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  • Access modes: Mobile App, Fingerprint, RFID Card, User Pin code, Emergency Key
  • User Access rights: Admin, User, Guest
  • Alarms: Low Battery Notification, Auto Secure, Break-in
  • Type of Password: OTP Password, Timed Password, Permanent Password, Cyclic Password
  • Smart Features: Passage Mode, Anti Theft Password, Audit Trail, Low Power Consumption, Smart Freeze, USB for Battery Backup
  • Door Thickness: 35-60mm
  • Finish: Stainless Steel,  Black
  • Application: For Aluminum door
  • 30W means the lock supports 30*85 lock body for wooden door
  • SS Finish
  • Its with app lock

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